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This is an era of smart people, smart phones and obviously the smarter way of getting almost everything one touch away. Like clothes, beauty products, jewellery, electronics gadgets, everything is just one touch away of us. While everything is getting smarter then why not movies, yes, movies are also getting smarter, now you can enjoy thousands of movies by installing simple apps on you IOS device. 

Be smart. Don�t wait for what you want to watch. Just go through the post and get what you want right in your hand. Because today I�m writing about some interesting apps which will make your life more filmy. These are the best IOS apps by which you can download or stream your favorite movies online and watch them on your device anywhere anytime.

There are many apps for this purpose, but here you will get those with the maximum number of users and good ratings. 

The Best Movie Downloading or Streaming Apps are:

CinemaBox: CinemaBox, also known as PlayBox HD, is the best app today for android & IOS devices to download movies online. Its user friendly features like disconnected mode, subtitle support, child�s mode and chrome cast bolster etc has made it the best. But this app is not available in google play store or in iTunes, ypu have to download this app from their official site.
Showbox: Showbox is a package for android and IOS users. Using this app, you can watch movies, TV serials, reality shows and many more, not only on your phone, but on your TV and PC also. You can also stream full HD quality recordings (1080p) also. But you have to download this app from other trusted sources.

MegaBox HD: If you are looking for an apps like showbox, then you must give a try to MegaBox HD. It is available is a very small size. It wont take much space of your phone.  It also has the streaming feature in 360p and 720p quality for their users. You can download or stream your favorite videos without signing up.

Bobby Movie Box: If you are an iphone user and looking an apps for movie streaming, then Bobby Movie Box is the best option for you. You can watch movies and Tv shows for free. But cant download. The best thing is that you can download the app from your app store and can upgrade it anytime anywhere. You can watch HD quality videos also.

ViewSter: ViewSter is one and another best option for watching movies, Tv serials, Reality shows of your choice without joining/registering. You can download those contents too. It has the Chromcast feature also through which you can watch your favourite recordings on your TV too. So don�t wait, just download the app from trusted source and enjoy.

Crackle: Crackle is another top listed app which enables you to watch movies, Tv shows and many more online in safe and secure way. It also permits you to watch all your favorite movies and shows on TV also. Downloading those contents is not possible now.

Popcornflix-free Movie App: If you just want to stream and watch movies online, then Popcornflix would be the another option for you. But you cant download movies from this app. Using this app, you can enjoy Hollywood and Bollywood movies without any subscription or fees.

Tubi TV: Tubi TV is one of the best movie apps which offers the largest library of modern classics and cult favorite Tv shows and movies. It 100% legal and safe to use. You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere on any device without any subscription or fees. The app also provide the informations of the film like, release date, duration, genre, and ratings also. So watch movies and update your filmy gyan too.

Netflix: Netflix is another star in the online world of movie apps. Using this app, you will get access to a large library of movies, TV series and animes. Just you need to pay a subscription fee for this. But new users can get a one month free subscription. Its ad free service has made it users favorite app. It is available for both android and IOS devices.

Daily Motion: If you want to watch movies or videos online as well as want to share your videos with others, then Daily Motion is for you. It is available for both android and IOS devices. Here you can connect with many people and channels, subscribe them, so that you can watch all their contents without miss. You can ask for different picture quality for your selected videos too.

So, these are the apps which can empower you with a large movie collection. And you can watch anywhere, anytime. So go for those apps, download them, and enjoy your leisure time with friends and family with less cost.